This I Believe

Judy - Ft. Collins, Colorado
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love

This I believe. That the power of love and positive energy can not only heal, but pull a person back from the brink of death. Following a serious roll over car accident, I was literally a wrong move away from instant death or at a minimum, a life of paralysis. I had broken my neck. An injury, which according to many medical experts is often one that can be deadly or paralyzing.

I write this. Yes, I write this. My hand, my neck, in fact, my entire body is not only functioning, but is healthy and close to fully recovered. Surrounded by a circle of love from my husband, my sons, and my friends, a call for prayers and positive energy went out to all who knew me. In the face of daunting possibilities, I never once allowed negative or “poor me” thoughts to enter my mind. My husband, after having come upon my accident, a loved one’s worst nightmare, never once entertained the idea that I would leave him, or be impaired for life. Once again, profound love and positive power surrounded me in a cocoon of healing.

This I believe. That a power far greater than can be known or understood intervened in my life. Some may call this power God, some the Universe, some Allah, some, Buddha, the list goes on. I believe that my gift of continued life came from a focused conviction that one thought can change events. No matter the religious point of view, the love and prayer sent out in my name resulted in a miracle in my life. I believe in this incredulous power from an obviously biased view. I believe that if such force is possible in my life, such force is possible in the events of our world. I believe I live today because the focused power of love and positive energy changed the tides of injury and trauma. I believe such force can do the same in our individual lives and in the distressing events of our world. I believe because I have felt this power. I believe, because to not believe, would be to discard this gift of continued life.

I believe I will spend the rest of my days giving back and putting forth love and positive influence. I believe I can change the world. I believe the power of love in the world can change the future.

I write this. Yes, I write this, because I believe.