This I Believe

Hassan - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Beliefs come in different shapes and forms for different people. Some are unique to the individual, and quite possibly shared by none other among the huge human population since the beginning of time. One such belief is something that I doubt many people have ever heard of, and to my knowledge it is mine and mine alone. Ever since my junior year of high school I have always worn two different socks, an unmatching pair, to every single exam that I have taken, as I have held it to bring me good luck.

As silly as it sounds, I am not about to change this belief anytime soon. It all began when I was sitting for a math midterm, and I readily admit that math is one of my least favorite subjects. I had fallen asleep studying the night before, and in the process I had not only failed to revise the last three chapters, but I was also going to get late for my school bus. In haste, I called down to my mother that I wouldn’t have time for breakfast. I then proceeded to simultaneously brush my teeth and try to put on a pair of jeans one leg at a time. The result would appear comical to most, but I guess the ends justify the means.

As I rushed out of the bathroom and reached into my drawer, I could not find a single pair of socks. Perhaps I wasn’t quite successful at rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, but I reached for the first pair of seemingly matching socks in my laundry basket. When I finally made the bus with a minute to spare, I realized the inevitable. The socks not only were of different color, I could actually feel that they were different in my toes before I ever looked down towards them. It was already too late to rush back, so I decided to take my midterm and get it over with. I didn’t feel too sure about the exam itself, having to guess on roughly a quarter of the exam. In disgust, I feigned a dentist’s appointment excuse and convinced my father to pick me up during his lunch break.

A surprising twist of events was to unfold a week later. I scored an unexpected 86 on my midterm, the second highest grade in class on a rather tough exam, despite not having studied the most important chapters. Needless to say, I have always worn unmatching socks to exams since that day, and fared well for the most part. . To that end, I would categorize it as a unique belief, but it could quite possibly be a superstition and someone out there probably has a similar belief, or perhaps even the same one. In today’s fast-paced and confusing world, everyone needs something of their own to hold on to in order to maintain their composure. I hold on to my own unusual beliefs just to retain my own unique personality.