This I Believe

Brian - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, integrity

Living only 15 minutes away from my only grandpa, I happened to spend numerous hours of fishing and hiking along his side. From the time I was barely walking to even the past summer, I have taken days out of my week to head over to his house to hit golf balls or even fish up the nearest lake. Over the numerous hours we spent together, I happen to pay attention to the one thing he always emphasized to me, which was choose a job that makes you the most happy regardless of the rewards benefited. His words of wisdom have really affected the choices I have made especially in the past few years. He has really convinced me to be a strong advocate on the viewpoint, “money does not always equal happiness.”

Being a both teacher and a coach as his profession, he was truly a very happy person. He accomplished many things in his life and through teaching had seen problems with parents raising their kids and how the financially beneficial job can affect a family. He told me over and over during the days I spent with him that a good job is a job that rewards mentally not physically. The preference of job he never voiced his opinion on but he was always saying that any job can be yours if it makes you good when you go home to your family.

What really made me convinced that prosperity and pleasure aren’t always hand in hand was when I was just entering high school. My next door neighbor and best friend experienced family problems. His father was a very wealthy attorney in New York City, however his job created problems back at home with the family, I was told later when I was more mature that he was having an affair with another woman. A divorce was filed which tore up the whole family and finally resulted in him moving out of town down to North Carolina. Making sure that I was not going to have the same problems happen to me, I vowed to not necessarily pick a bad, easy job. Instead I was going to choose a job that be both rewarding on the inside along with on the outside.

My grandpa has been behind me in every action I have made both academically and in the real world. He was not very pleased with me going so far way from my family, but still supports me. He has always made sure that I’m going to make the right choice in life, regardless of the consequences. As long as it provides happiness and fulfillment, he would be supporting of any profession. My belief that wealth doesn’t produce happiness has been handed down by my grandfather, and has clearly changed my life and will continue to in the future.