This I Believe

Eleanor - Madison, Wisconsin
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in playing with playmobils. Some people think that 8th grade is too old to play with toys. For Christmas 8th graders usually get clothes and computer games. Playmobils is not usually on there lists. But I still love to playmobils. This Christmas I got 3 new sets. When some of my friends came over on New Years Eve we played with them. We each have are favorite people and stuff. Even are characters have grown to have predictable personalities. Some of my friends like to get as much stuff as they can and have a store run by a Grandma with a gun. While some of my friends lean toward the more unusual families. Like murder snowmen married to reindeer and have 50 kids who worship Joey Faton.

For people who don’t know Playmobils are they are these little plastic people. They have there own little houses and animals and kitchen utensils. They are about 3 inches tall and can sit, stand, ride a bike, change their hair or hat and can hold stuff. They even have there own stores and crime labs.

Playmobils allow you to create your own world by providing everything you could possible need from this one. From toilets to chain saws, from croissants to whisks. Everything just shrunk down to miniature size.

Even though a playmobils face is just a basic smiley face, maybe with facial hair for a guy and eye lashes for a girl, there personalities jump out at you. They are defined by there pot belly or there mullet. Their plastic leather jacket or there hoop earring. Even if I am playing a new game everyone seems to always end up in the same families and relationships. Some of them just look like there name so much you can’t change it. Every time I pull out the playmobils box, I am not really starting a new game because their personalities and history follows them whatever there doing.

The box says 4 and up and I think that’s about right. There shouldn’t be an age limit on playmobils. I think the older you get the more you can a appreciate playmobils. The Knights and Princess of your childhood may turn into Murderers and Hillbillies but playmobils will still let you create your own world with its own set of rules.