This I Believe

Kassandra - Berrien Springs, Michigan
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Escapes

My life consists of late nights, early mornings and un-ending homework. Hence the life of a high-school kid right? Most evenings there’s always an extra-curricular activity taking part, and some way I find myself into a mess. I tend to fill up a schedule: Sports, band, clubs, odds and ends of babysitting. It’s hard to find time for myself. I get completely exhausted. The over-bearing clump of papers rise and due dates close in. I just stare at the never ceasing, un-ending, tree-killing worksheets. Anger begins to rise, “Do teachers try to do this?”

With all of the stress I’m put under, self-inflicted or not, I find that I love to get away. My way to escape and dwindle down is to listen to music in a dark corner of my room, the place I can call my own. The only light penetrating through my room is from my green Chinese paper lantern.

It’s important to have that “alone time”. I bundle myself in blankets of warmth, like a sausage or mummy sitting on a bed. Creating a cocoon of layers around me with music buzzing in my ears. A complete massacre of music in one mixed CD. I zone out, making a zombified state of mind.

I guess you can say that my escape is finding my “chi”, music being my tunnel away from the land of life. Work piles and time seems to run out all too quickly; scatter-brained days and sleepless nights. I believe that to escape from it all, no matter what people may do to get away, is very much essential in surviving this thing called life.