This I Believe

Courtney - Berrien Springs, Michigan
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

The Beauty of Nature

I believe in the beauty of nature. The sun rising and falling in the sky, and the clouds rolling across the heavens. The rain falling gently on the earth, and pattering on my roof. the great balls of gas and debris we call stars, hang in the black mass we call night. The sun glittering off the freshly settled dew, and elegant animals and majestic mountains.

Everyone needs to get away from life when it gets to hard to handle. The best hideaway is nature itself. A place away from civilization, like a forest or an open meadow. A place where you can only hear the wind whistling through the tree branches.

Even when the storms come, nature still is beautiful with the electric bolts of lightning flicker across the sky, and the angry gray clouds dropping loads of bone soaking, cold rain. When I see a storm I try to put it in a positive light and it can be just as beautiful as a warm sunny day, when the rays softly kiss my cheeks.

Sometimes rainstorms can be very inviting. When I’m in a really bad mood, I just walk outside and stand in the middle of my backyard, letting the hard pelts of rain smack me in the face. I let it soak deep into my core, and it reminds me that all the problems in life aren’t so bad anymore.

Not only rainstorms warm me up on the inside. A day when the clouds cover the sky and only little bits of the sun’s light can peak through them, can be just as amazing and heartwarming.

It was a day just like this when I went out for a ride on my horse and, I was not in a very good mood. I had no one to comfort me. I felt alone, because all my so called friends ended up not being my friends at all. I realized I was alone, and was in a lot of pain. I sat there in the saddle staring blankly at the sky with tears rolling slowly down my face.

Then I saw a ray of sun poke through a dense patch of grey clouds. It was so beautiful, and it cast its light all around me. It made the vineyards around me look radiant in the pale light. It made everything so much better, and I felt that even not having anyone to talk to was fine, I had the beauty of nature to take my mind off of it.

My belief in nature is very strong, and I know that if will always be a part of me. I still go out into my woods, now and then, to get away from the pressure of school and other forces that cause stress. It is very relaxing sitting under a tree, and looking up through it’s branches and watching the clouds change shape, and birds swooping in the blue sky.

There are new worlds out there waiting for us to explore them. It might be a woods, mountain, or a meadow next to a bubbling brook. Whatever it may be, just step through the time barrier and spend some time in a place full of peace and adventure. I know I will.