This I Believe

Chrystal - Clackamas, Oregon
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I belief

Freedom A word full of controversy and debate something I believe that should come equal to all citizens in our country at no extra cost. My theory of this came to me at a young age of about 5 years old. Once I had finally mastered what the words “ Cause I said so” actually meant. From then on out it was war.

The older I got the bigger the freedom issue became. Not just with myself, but with all kinds of races, religion and cultures. Always the excuse of “ it’s unconstitutional” or “ there immigrants.” But that is all they really are…excuses.

Everyone is equal. So what if were a different color or have opposite beliefs. I agree with the idea that there are certain standards that need to be met but in doing so, they need to be realistic as well. America is called the Land of The Free or The Land of Opportunity for a reason. We ourselves need to remember what our fore fathers intentions were when they wrote the constitution. Not what we’ve turned it into.

The rights of one individual should not differ from one to another. Crimes should not be committed against another for a different color of skin. Freedom is freedom bottom line. No body should be able to take that away from anybody. The right to be you should never be threatened no matter how different someone may seem. Atrocities are being committed against anyone who isn’t white or have a religion that someone doesn’t agree with. That’s completely unacceptable. I’ve personally witnessed students that attend my High School being discriminated against because of their ethnicity. For Christ sakes were in the year 2007 and were still acting like this?

I have watched for years on the daily news cast on reports of another individual murdered or another gangbang robbed a store or numerous things along those lines.

Freedom. Free to anyone who is a citizen in the United States. Not a right that should become a privilege. The people of this country need to learn to look past characteristics of individuals. Remember that the people in this country are entitled to there freedom, were not god. We don’t pick and choose who gets what. Then again with all the politics in play who really knows what the word freedom really means nowadays.