This I Believe

patricia - hightlands ranch, Colorado
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: peace

This I believe: that every morning when I awaken I create my day through the scenes I play out in my mind. Am I telling someone off, putting someone down? That kind of experience will be thrown at me sometime during the day, always, unless I neutralize this low frequency field of thought, with a prayer, with a sense of gratitude, or a loving heart towards my family, and my country, and the collective unconscious heart that opens within.

When I achieve this my visions change and my body experiences that rush of sensation that transforms me.

This is not difficult once I figure it out, because there are no bombs dropping, no one to hurt me and mine. This feeling of peace envelopes me, what Jacob Needleman calls “the finer sensations of the body”, and I can feel it radiate to my family, who know when I am thinking of them miles away.

This I believe: in this country, and around the word, we who are feeling this kind of Love will some day focus it into a critical mass, not of Boston cyclers, but of loving, peaceful intention that will bring wars to an end.

I believe the war in Iraq exists for that purpose.

This I believe: this country, founded in the Age of Voltaire, has a manifest destiny that has no boundaries at all. I believe the determination to be free and equal has pinnacled in our discovery of all our aspects as sentient beings

This I believe: all the horrible events that have and are happening, serve to speed us up the spiral. We were created to use this power within to manifest Peace. I believe this is the Heaven that we create with our compassion towards everyone and everything on this earth and beyond, and no one will be left out.