This I Believe

Ryan - East Moriches, New York
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humility

My philosophy is an old one and it’s hard to not know someone that has said this before or have heard it before. You should always face your problems and never lie about them because it only makes thing worse. It’s not really a philosophy, because it’s more like a piece of advice but it works.

I tell my friends this advice all the time because it is true. You hear stories like how someone might have broke something and tried to cover it up but still get caught. At the end of getting yelled at your parents or guardian always say “I would have had you told me the truth than to lie and get caught”. You might have heard this or other stories with the same meaning but it is true. I know I’ve heard this many times before and I do follow this advice now. I say this because I thought I use to but I was wrong; I’m an example of why you should face your problems when they occur.

I admit that I use to do a lot of bad things but this time I was pressured into doing something and I screwed up badly, well it was more than one occasion but this time I was caught. I was caught by what I thought to be a stranger so I ran. I was ashamed and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t tell my parents because my parents are hard working individuals and I didn’t want to see them disappointed in me. I was trying to be a good kid after that but it was too late because it already happened. About a month later my father and I were out having a good time and he was telling me about what he did as a teenager when he was with his friends, when my mother called me up and told me to get home now. I didn’t know what to think because she sounded mad and I didn’t know why at the time. When I got home she wouldn’t speak let alone look at me. When the silence was broken I could tell what it was about, I could tell they found out about my screw up because it wasn’t a stranger that caught me. My parents were so mad at me that they couldn’t even yell at me, they were speechless and didn’t know what to say. As I walked away from them I could just remember my mother saying “I wish you didn’t lie to us” and all I could say is “Me too”.

For some this might not have been a good example but to me it is. I learned that I should have just admitted to it in the first place and not have lied about it. I’m still trying my hardest to be a good kid hope that other people do the same thing because it isn’t fun knowing that you screwed up big time.