This I Believe

Michael - 11942, New York
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

People all over the world have problems to overcome everyday, some are bigger and harder than others. Luckily I haven’t been faced with very hard problems in my life. I am sixteen years old and everything in my life comes easy to me. People in my society take things for granted; I am guilty of this as well I am used to things easy and have never been faced with any real difficult obstacles.

My petty little challenges are nothing compared to people that really have things hard. Many people in today’s world are poverty stricken or have lost a parent. I could not imagine losing a parent or not having the luxuries I am used to such as having three cars and always having a full stomach. Some people would kill to have a full stomach every night. In the United States we have huge feasts and even eating contests to see who can eat the most food in a short amount of time. How can we be having contests where people eat fifty hot dogs in ten minutes while millions die of starvation?

It really annoys me when people in my school complain of things being too hard. I have been guilty of it as well because we are used to things being so easy and have never faced any real difficult challenges. So when you think everything is really bad and difficult, think of how hard some people have it. Think of what you take for granted everyday and what other people see as a huge luxury. Just stop and think of those less fortunate and remind yourself of how good you have it. This I believe.