This I Believe

Samantha - Westhampton, New York
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the little things that make a huge difference. The things that make one feeling needed and wanted. Something so inconsequential and yet so significant to the lives of many. Picture the holidays with your special someone. You reach for the black, velvet box and open an $8,000 diamond ring. Even though you are ecstatic to receive a gift of such expense you think back on the past couple months and wonder. What is preferred in the situation, a luxurious piece of jewelry or actions that make you feel extraordinarily special? It takes something as small as a call during the long day to say “I miss you”, a note you find in your pocket stating how much your dear one loves you, or even flowers brought to you when your stressed out work day just couldn’t get worse. There is someone who loves you trying to make your day a little better with the little things. My mother always said don’t wait around for the “grand gesture”. If someone important in your life has no other way to show they care than a huge something, then it means they don’t really know you. To please someone is to know someone. It’s the hidden law to any successful relationship. Understanding and knowing someone you care about can help you bring out the best in them with small gestures that mean a great deal. I’m not going to discriminate against all “grand gestures”, there are defiantly great ones that cannot match any little thing. However, my personal feelings are not to get caught up in life and remember to stop and think of what might make someone’s day that much better with the knowledge that someone else is thinking of them. What many of us really want in life is acceptance and love, and what better way to feel it then be shown. Seeing is believing. And when you have grown old and the little things aren’t what you notice anymore, hopefully you can remember the times you were appreciative and know that someone cared so much as to make you feel special.