This I Believe

maggie - southampton, New York
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that you should not judge people because of there appearance. I think that people immediately judge you by what you look like. I can honestly say that I some times judge people when I shouldn’t. Sometimes people, especially teenagers will say something very mean about some one when they have not even met them. I think that everyone should be welcome to meeting new people and accepting them for who they are and not what they look like.

Recently I have changed schools and I have never done that before. I instantly noticed that everyone had there own clique, everyone already had there friends and were not very welcome to making any new ones. This was not a positive thing for me. I could tell people judged me for the way I look right away; they did not even want to get to know me because I was new it was like people were intimated to even think of making a new friend. I was not used to that because I was always very open minded when it came to meeting new people in my old school, I was friends with everyone because I was so easy to get along with. In my new school people always ask me why I am so quite, but I am the total opposite, but if they would have took the time to get to me know me they would have known that.

I believe that every one should give every person a chance. I personally know how it feels to be judged and I know what its like to be the one judging someone else. I believe that this is mean and juvenile more so in teenagers than adults if you are not wearing the nicest clothes or you don’t look a certain way people will not accept you. I found my self being fake to make friends and I realized it’s not even worth it, so I believe that you should not judge people by there appearance.