This I Believe

Camille - Carlsbad, California
Entered on January 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change

I believe you can make a change. And not in the way you only write about on your law school entrance essay to make yourself sound more desirable to the gatekeepers of a really great environmental law program. A real change.

A recent diagnosis of cancer in my family lead to a discussion about how I believe diet greatly impacts the manner in which the body battles the disease. I have many skeptics in my family. I am from a traditional Italian family where all of life plays out on the dinner table. We celebrate and lament through our food. As a result, my parents do not enjoy the benefits of ideal health. I am often considered extreme in my moderation. My brown-rice-organic-fruit-eating ways entertain family members instead of impress them.

When my ailing relative drastically improved after following an extremely regimented and healthful diet, her baffled doctors told her to keep up “whatever” she was doing. Thankfully, my aunt remains well and I sense that the tide may be turning within my family. My mother has invited me over this week to celebrate her new juicer and she is preparing a special quinoa, lentil and kale soup for the occasion. My father’s new favorite recipe.

I’m not sure if that story would have gotten me into law school, but for most of us those are the kind of changes we are going to make; small and meaningful. As parents we can perhaps do a bit more. Imagine if all of your children’s really cool friends ate healthy snacks and never really indulged in fast food. Ok, it probably won’t happen like that but can’t we just try. If you bring up you kids with a mindful approach to good health, I’ll bring mine up that way. It’s the seemingly small changes that will add up to an eventual paradigm shift. Idealistic? Perhaps. But this I believe.