This I Believe

etta - woodbury, Connecticut
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children

The day my son came home from School And Said, “.Mom, me starving” was a pivotal day. It had almost been a year sincE our new Philipino boy came to live with us. His arrival broughT hope and new life to our family. A boy only 23 pounds at the age of 14 when he came to us . He was a product of a third world nation where children ARE ABUSED AND OFTEN EXPLOITED. a YEAR LATER HE IS SPEAKING eNGLISH AND rEPEATING THINGS THAT HE NEVER WOUld HAVE SAID AND DONE. wHY IS IT WE AMERICANS FEEL REMOVED FROM POVERtY AND HeartACHE OF THE WORLD? dO WE VIEW OUR CHILDREN AS CHILDREN OF AMERICA OR CHILDREN OF THE WORLD? aRE WE ENCOMPASSING OR LIMITED TO THE aMERICAN IDEA THAT WE MUST COME FIRST AND SERVE ONLY OUR ONLY CHILDREN? aFTER ALL THEY COME AND SAY mOM, i’M HUnGRY WHEN THEY REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD IT IS TO GO TO BED HUNGRY. fOR rOMIE, hE IS JUST ONE CHILD SAVED FROM POVERTY. Like his new brothers he is playing games and beginning to what most American kids do, forget about what it relly means to be starving. This I believe is true, we have forgotten that our financial portfolio changes our rtirement but not our world? How do you view the children ? As part of of America or apart of our world?