This I Believe

William - Akron, Ohio
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 65+

WHAT I BELIEVE – Gospel according to Bill Melver

1. The Customer has been, still is and will always be the most important entity in any business matter.

2. Most normal people want to do the right things; they don’t go out of their way to do bad or evil things.

3. A bad attitude is far worse than ineptness, poor judgment or lack of skills and experience.

4. There is always room for improvement in communication; someone is bound to be left out or a key piece of information is left out, not intentionally but assumedly.

5. Quality is not just a product thing that you can touch or see. It applies to everything we do from communication to attitude to the way we conduct our daily life.

6. Most people do not like “changes”; they find it “scary, uncomfortable, even threatening.

7. Life is often times “unfair”.

8. Good times and bad times never last for ever.

9. Each and every one of us is a “pain in the ass” to someone out there.

10. It’s always better to take the time to do things right the first time than to have to do it over because you didn’t.