This I Believe

Jamesq - Tampa, Florida
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that we should run our lives like the signs we see on the road. Signs like yield and merge. I am a confrontational person. A right up front get in your face type of person. I’ve mellowed out now. In the past that has gotten me into a lot of problems that I could have avoided in my life. I’ve learned over the years that ‘yielding’ or ‘merging’ takes off the edge for the next person. And like vehicles going down the road, just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean that you ‘really’ have the right of way. Sometimes I yield to the other person to avoid a collision in my business life or personal life. Instead of proving them wrong, or pointing out that they zigged when they should have zagged, I just slow down, smile, wave and let them breeze by. It seems to dissolve a possible unfortunate incident where ever I am at the moment. It could be at home, or at my workplace, or on the road. Later when I see them again, I’m usually allowed to merge and I get a wave back. Sometimes I do not know why someone is getting in my space, and creating an annoyance, then turning it around like it is my fault when they were not paying attention or doing something stupid. When the collision looks like it coming towards me, the choice is to stand my ground and collide, or yield or merge.

What is their distraction, why are they not concentrating on where they are going?!! Why did they cut me off mid-sentence? Why did they cut in line, flip their hand at me, or give me that dagger eye look. It doesn’t matter, they could have been thinking of something pleasant and the encounter ruined their mood, and I was in their target sites. Maybe they were in a bad mood already and looking for somewhere to vent. Maybe hot coffee spilled in their lap going down the road, or the copier jammed during an important project. What ever it is that is happening, I believe now that it’s better to yield and merge.