This I Believe

Brian - USA
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the world has been created by art. As an artist, I can see everyday that in everything we do, in everything we say, we do in a certain form of art. In this sense, we are all artists. It is said that we have two sides to our brain but that one side is more mathematically motivated, and the other is more creatively motivated. But really, as an artist I know the boundaries of art, and what could be considered art, and really, there are no boundaries or “rules” of art thus making us all artists. So you can’t draw every facial feature while drawing a picture of a face, its not what it looks like when you put it on the paper. But really, that is still art. Art is how you perceive an object, if the nose comes out 3 inches longer than it looks on the paper your drawing, then that’s just how you perceive it. In fact, you don’t even need to put a nose, put an ear! Picasso did.

In a more broad sense, if poetry is art, why can’t a significant document like the Emancipation Proclamation be? Poetry doesn’t need to rhyme; it doesn’t need x-amount of lines, so really, why can’t a significant document be a form of art? And why can’t the reader be called an artist? All over the world people speak out what they believe in clubs and in arenas and they’re called artists. Why couldn’t Abraham Lincoln be an artist when he spoke out to the world after writing the Gettysburg Address?

It seems that art has no boundaries at all really. Everyone has their own level of creativity, if you don’t have as much as Salvidor Dali, yet you have enough to go to an art college, why can’t a doodle be called art? There is no specific level of creativity you need to be an artist yet every one has some level of creativity in them.

Acting and performing are both forms of art. Music is a form of art, a huge form of art. Musicians all over the world create sounds of all sorts expressing who they are, what they stand for, and just all sorts of things. Some musical artists even become known for one act they’ve done in their life that stood out like Jimi Hendrix and his version of the national anthem. It created a lot of talk and argument among the people of the U.S. and that’s what art does! And that’s what it should do! Art should alter your perspective and make you think twice about something. This is why I believe that in everyone, there is an artist. In some form or another we all are creative, we all have something to say. So express it in anyway you know how and be the artist you were meant to be. This I believe.