This I Believe

ben - white swan, Washington
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe in freedom of Religion

In the Middle East, the Muslims practice their religion called Islam. They worship to a god who is known as Muhammad. Some Muslims believe in this god, but those who don’t believe in Muhammad are considered damned. Why do they believe this? They believe that if they take their own life, and others as well that Muhammad will open a gateway to heaven for them, and where forty virgins will greet them.

Atheist believers are those who deny the existence in any god, creator, or belief. The differences between these two religions are that Muslims believe it’s bountiful to kill anyone who is a non-believer of his belief. As for atheists they believe in not having any sort of god, creator, or any characteristics of a belief.

My reason for believing in religion is that I think that most people should have some sort of belief, god, creator, or savior. Why I believe this? I’m a very religious person, and I believe that I was made from a creator, who gave me my body, my life, and when I die I give back my body to my creator for it was only a loan. I practice one of many Yakama Religions known as Shahaptin. In these practice there is an elder who doesn’t preach but teaches the people what their responsibilities are on this earth. These responsibilities consist from learning how to prepare the traditional foods in the right manner, how to sing traditional songs the right way, and not getting another song confused with it, and to understand the meaning of why we as Yakama people do it this way. How this as people have been doing this for generations, and centuries.

My upbringing the way I was raised and taught the Shahaptin way of life by my grandfather who is known for his ability to uphold this religion. Russel Jim is my grandfather, every Sunday since I can remember he has taught me the value of this religion, especially how to keep it alive, and never for getting where, who, I am. My grandfather was taught the religion, language, and traditions from his elders, which have been passed down from generation. My religion I’m taught many positive, and negative lessons on how to live life, through stories that have been around before man, through the songs that have been around for centuries, and through sacred prayers.

I believe in freedom of religion, because we as Americans live in a country where we are given the opportunity to worship and take part in any religion, culture, god, creator, or belief as we choose. But with this, there is always going to be cultures that have dissensions with one another because of what god, creator, or religion they believe in. In a way though most religions and cultures have similarities. How are they similar? Most of us believe in different religions of prayer. We as believers pray to a Supreme Being on a regular basis, asking for forgiveness for our sins we have committed, and we follow traditions to keep our religion alive. Whether it is written how to live your life in a book, tells you the moral values of life in a story, or is an unwritten sacred song passed down from generation to generation, this I believe in freedom of religion.