This I Believe

Adam - Skowhegan, Maine
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Hard work Equals Success

I believe in hard work.

I guess that I have always worked hard and done my best to some extent. I remember in seventh grade when I got my first report card, I was not all that happy with my grades. I remember I got two C’s and I don’t particularly like getting C’s. So I tried a little harder the next trimester and did better. The following year in eighth grade there was a new teacher that came in, Mr. Bellrose. Having Mr. Bellrose there that year changed me; I worked harder than ever before. I liked Mr. Bellrose and I did not want to let him down as weird as that sounds. I worked really hard that whole year and did very well. I remember toward the end of the year we had a poster of some sort due and I didn’t quite have it done or I forgot to do something with it or something like that. The day that the poster was due we were going to go outside and play kick ball, but since I had to do whatever it was with my poster and I was supposed to stay inside and work on it. It ended up I didn’t have to stay inside however, because Mr. Bellrose said something like I had worked hard all year so I could go outside with everyone else. After that year my work ethic carried over with me to high school.

Hard work is the key to success. I think if I didn’t work as hard as I do I would never get anywhere or make any progress. I believe that if I work hard I will be able to achieve what I want. I want to do well in high school so I can easily get into the college of my choice. I know that if I go to college I have a chance at a good career doing something I really love. I want a good job and I don’t want to have to worry about my financial status. I want to live comfortably. All of the things I have mentioned about going to college and getting a good job sound great. Unfortunately I have no idea what I want to go to college for or what kind of career I want to pursue.

I have learned that working hard is easier said than done. Trying to do well all the time can become very stressful and time consuming. I have had times when I thought that I wasn’t going to make it. I’ve had times when I almost wanted to give up. I have also had a lot of early mornings. At times I have had so much homework that I would need to get up early to finish it, times when I waited until the last minute to do a paper and felt overwhelmed, and also times when I forgot homework and just could not get anything done. In the end the success makes all of my hard work worth it.

I feel that my junior year of high school was the most challenging. Things got really hard that year. I had a really hard time in my English class like when we had to read The House of Mirth. I remember sometimes when I had to read it I would keep dozing off and would not be able to finish reading what I was supposed to. Besides me having trouble staying awake to read the book it was also very confusing and I had a hard time with it and got behind. From then on I got behind on almost everything we did and things kept getting worse. Lucky for me my English teacher was very understanding and with a lot of staying after and hard work I made it through the year and everything turned out fine.

A little earlier this year I won the Student of the Month Award for September. This was one of the best days of my life. I was sitting in the senior section with my best friend Matt and it was coming to the end of the assembly when they announced the Student of the Month. My name was called and I couldn’t believe it was me. I went up to the podium and as soon as the assembly was over a bunch of people came up to congratulate me and I had a lot of pictures taken with people. The rest of the day even more people congratulated me. It was a very fun day and I enjoyed it a lot. I consider this one of my biggest achievements. This award validated all of my hard work and made it all worth it. I guess I must be doing something right. Hard work is what I believe in.