This I Believe

Matthew - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in sin. Because without sin there would be no need for religion.

Think of a world without sin, where no wrong is done, and all types of life live in harmony and happiness. There are no wars between countries or mass genocides in Africa. At school everybody is part of the “in” crowd and nobody is picked on. But also in this world there would be no need for religion, no need to strive to be better or go through hardships to find what you believe in and who you believe in. In a world without sin, the devil, or wrongdoing, there is no need for a greater being or for people to strive to be better than they are now.

I say this not as an atheist but as a strong believer in the lord and in Jesus Christ, who believes that we as Americans think that if we say we are Christians, and say we believe in the lord that we will be save, but don’t practice what we say and on Saturday night go out and get drunk or something that is said to be wrong. I have a strong and close relationship with God, but to reach this point in life I had to struggle with sin in my life, and I had to search for the lord. I did not simply one day wake up and have a strong Faith. I read the bible and prayed and repented so that I would not be lost. If I had not struggled with the sins I did struggle in life, I do not know where I would be now or what I would be doing, I would not even know if I would have the same character and morals as I have today.

But with sin, also the Lord comes, and he stands by us, and when we are weak and cannot fight sin anymore he carries us and protects us. It is said in the bible that the lord will not test us past what we can take, and so why should we be afraid or scared of sin and the devil who tries us and attacks us.

I believe in sin, because with sin my lord and savior is there to save and protect me.