This I Believe

Paul - gig harbor, Washington
Entered on January 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Seat belts shouldn’t be enforced as a law this I believe. I believe that if you want to not wear a seat belt you should not be ticketed or in any type of trouble wit the law.

The choice to wear seat belts should be up the person in the seat. If a person is smart they should know to put it on and if they aren’t and get hurt or in any type of harmful situation then they should have to pay or deal with any pain or harm they come across. The police shouldn’t get people in trouble for not wearing a seat belt though .

In the act of an accident the person who is not wearing there belt should be made to pay for there own damage and deal with it not be ticketed and tried and whatever else in a court system. If someone hits them yes they can still be in trouble but if the person dies and a seatbelt could have saved them they shouldn’t be in trouble or tried for vehicular homicide.

When I drive I always make sure to wear my seatbelt and it helped me once. When I was in an accident I was wearing it and it helped me to not hit my head on the wheel and I was very thankful. If I wasn’t I think is should have

People shouldn’t be charged with a one hundred and one dollar ticket, they will just suffer as soon as something happens to them or a loved one until they learn. I believe that wearing a seatbelt should not be enforced as a law and people shouldn’t be punished when they don’t wear one, this I believe.