This I Believe

Paul Michael - Los Angeles, California
Entered on January 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Fun and Longevity

I believe that having fun and being happy most of the time is what keeps us alive and going. It is because when I am experiencing happiness or feeling positive especially in doing work or playing sports. When I avoid thinking about negative thoughts of what I think might happen that would kill my day. When I play without thinking or stressing about losing, I get more focused into the game in a very positive and social way. When I feel happy on what I am doing, my body doesn’t take in the feeling of tiredness and stress because my mind is set on something else, something more positive. In other words when I play sports and I am in a very happy and in a fun feeling status, I don’t feel tired or worn out.

I remember when my friends and I went out to a recreation area or park somewhere near Temple Boulevard and Alvarado Street to play basketball because it was Friday. We played with other people. We had fun playing and doing various plays, my friends and I didn’t feel tired and when we would ask each other most of our replies were “Huh?.” It is because we are having fun that keeps us going. We’ve even forgotten what time it was until we noticed that is was already getting dark. I can feel the cold air hitting my back, telling me not to stop. I can see my opponents falling tired. I can smell the win that we will soon receive.

“Laughter is the best medicine.” It explains to me that a positive thought contributes to a good health because illnesses do form or get worse due to negative thinking as what my father would say, “You were just thinking about it more that’s why your fever became higher…try to think positive thoughts, see what’ll happen.”

I remember watching the movie “Lion King”, during the Hakuna Matata part, where Simba hangs out with Timon and Pumba. I began to realize that Simba grew healthier and lived a better life with his new friends having no worries, having fun all the time, and eating bugs is like living a calm and positive life of a vegetarian. That movie pretty much showed me that “no worries” will get you out from your problems that hold you back. It’s like a plant, let’s says a watered plant is a happy plant and a plant which is not watered is a sad plant and slowly dies out. That explains why depressed people die early, not because of suicide, because lack of fun and happiness makes your body die like a withering flower. I have learned that being happy and having fun most of the time can help you concentrate more and focus on what you are doing and to saving your life to live a longer healthier life.