This I Believe

Jim - Port Angeles, Washington
Entered on January 21, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

When I was growing up in America it seemed like government decisions were more “We the People” and not “I the Government”.

Greed has taken on a new lease with our leaders.

“Were gonna get a bunch of oil,

Crude pumping from the desert soil.

Tell about weapons of mass-destruction,

Bring up Democracy, Peace, Begin the seduction.

Start off with an aerial bombing,

The safest way for insurgent embalming.

Show the locals the democratic way,

Then watch the bueaucratic betray.

Lies and deception have shown us this day,

Now more Americans are begining to pray.

How did we get here, broke and astray,

Who lead us down this path of dismay.

One man knows, that’s for sure,

He knows the new world order cure.

For there to be rebirth, there must be decay,

The rest of the plan, He won’t say.