This I Believe

Keano - Seattle, Washington
Entered on January 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that your behavior affects other peoples views on your intelligence. I have learned in life that acting as if you are smarter then you really are other peoples perception of you will intern be greater. I have learned that one idiotic stunt will stick with you for ever. I have learned that a short period of fame leads to a long time of shame. All of this relates and through my brief stories you will find out why I had to learn this.

I am 15 years old and still messing up. In first grade I would fall to make others laugh along with covering up for those who hurt me. In second grade I would jump of what looked like a tremendous height to hear the awes. In third grade I started jumping of higher heights like the playground set which was higher then the basket ball hoops and then I soon jumped of the schools roof. In fourth grade I went to a different school and didn’t have time to please people because of the mocking of my name. In fifth grade I changed schools again and was able to go back to my old ways but hitting a different crowd I tried eating mixtures of any food people put in front of me and carried this out until the end of sixth grade when I was fed up with the remarks to how intelligent I was and not one person seeing past what I did for there satisfaction.

With this belief in mind I have sounded more clever and intellectual and people have treated me smarter. Although some still remember the old me and bring it up to demote me and I some times eat things which look like it is nasty but really is the greatest drink in the world like super food I still am changing and I have many things to learn. I do know that since I have met new people who haven’t known me for four five years I have been respected and treated the way I should be treated unlike a stunt artist with no respect for himself. But what I am certain of is that if you act as if you are smarter then you really are other people will treat you that way and weather you are getting a job or your just getting respect it will always turn out in your favor to behave in a more intelligent way.