This I Believe

Xiu - corona, New York
Entered on January 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


What is the most important treasure in your life? Some say love, others support liberty, and others suggest happiness. For me, however, life is the priceless treasure. In ancient China, people thought they got their lives from God so they never gave up their lives. This thinking still exists in China today, but my belief isn’t influenced by it. I believe in life because I can enjoy power, hope, and love in life.

Because life is a great power, I believe in it. For example, you can put a huge rock on the grasses in order to kill them. However, the grasses which are under the huge rock are still alive and grow lively. Because of life’s power, the delicate grasses can fight against the huge rock.

Because life is the cradle of hope, I believe in it. A Chinese ancientonce said,”Do not worry about the firewood crisis if the green hill exists.” In this quotation, the firewood symbolizes hope and the green hill symbolizes life. This quotation means that hope is always around you if you are alive. When an emperor was beaten by his enemy in the movie of “The Warring States”, he bacame a slave and left his state by force. The emperor was humiliated by his enemy but he never gave up his life. He used this quotation to encourage himself, and he became stronger and stronger after the humiliations. At the end, the emperor came back to his state and killed his enemy in a battle.

Because life is the crystal of love, I believe in it. For example, a young man and a young woman fall in love with each other. A new life is formed because the parents devote their love into the next generation. The new life is the product of the parents’ love. I steadily think that life symbolizes the highest level of love.

I always think life is the greatest product of the nature in this world. Most things are linked up with life, such as love, power, and hope. Life makes the Earth lively, valuable, and beautiful. I cannot imagine that there is no life on the Earth. Therefore, I believe in life.