This I Believe

Tiffany - White Swan, Washington
Entered on January 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Whenever I go shopping, which is all the time, I often see equal employment. Not yet have I seen unequal employment anywhere, and that’s a good thing. But I know not every store is equally employed because some stores look like they only hire certain people. That’s just from what I notice. I dislike seeing stores or other work places like that because it sends a message to people saying only some people can apply, or just some people are hired. That isn’t fair because it doesn’t give others a chance. I do like seeing work places with different people of different age, race and religion. Then they get a chance to learn about different things and about each other. They also get a chance to get along. Its better for the customers too because they get to see a great store employed with people who work well with each other. I think people who are surrounded by others who are much different, can learn more.

There are some work places that discriminate against a lot of people for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are:

• Age (too young, too old)

• National Origin (people from other places, immigrants)

• Race

• Religion

• Sex

• Pregnancy

• Disability

• Pay Rate

Those are just some of the reasons they discriminate. They use these reasons so people won’t work where they don’t want them to. Just think how many other reasons are out there, reasons that may be worse than these.

One of the reasons is their national origin. I think this is a biggy because people come from all over the place to work here. Example: Mexico, Australia, and Africa. They try to apply but they aren’t hired because where they migrated from. The immigrants try so hard to get here and work, but the only work they get is the work that no one else will do like working in the fields or out in the hot weather.

A second reason is the age. Many people who are young seem to be hired more because they are thought to do the work better than the older ones. I think that’s because younger people aren’t as fragile as the older people, that or they just want younger employees. And that’s vice versa, because sometimes-younger people aren’t hired because they may be too young and wouldn’t know or have the experience. I think anyone who qualifies for a job should be hired. They shouldn’t be rejected because they don’t think they’re good enough for a job. There are jobs that certain aged people would know better than anyone of a different age. Like any stores that have to do with fashion or sports I would think they would have younger people employed because it’s the generation now and they are more into it than older people would be.

A third reason would have to be disability. People who are disabled are rarely hired and looked at for a job because of how they look. Disabled people shouldn’t be judged because of their disability, they may work just as good as others who aren’t, they might even work better than them. If they are rejected then they wont have a chance to prove them wrong.

These reasons are used against people when applying for a job, or actually having a job, and even when people are trying to work somewhere. Not all places are like that, but most are and it needs to change. One way it could change is if every work place gave everyone and anyone a chance at a job. If that can happen then that’s one less problem to worry about. I hope one day when I’m having fun shopping in the mall that in every store there are different people with different ideas working together.

One of my best friends that I’ve known forever was discriminated against. She was applying for a job she’s been wanting for a very long time. She was rejected because of her appearance, and they also looked at her weight. There wasn’t really anything wrong, it was just that the other girls there were just skinnier than she was. The place she wanted to work was so nice and clean. Everyone that worked there and shopped there was always dressed so nice. And my friend was so gothic, with her heavy make up and her baggy black clothes. There was a big difference. And they also looked at her weight, when really there wasn’t anything wrong. It was just the other girls who worked there were just so skinny. She knew she wouldn’t fit in, so she changed. She knew what she had to do so she changed her weight and her appearance. She didn’t care if she was discriminated against because she really wanted that job. Her change worked for her because a couple months later she got the job. She isn’t my gothic friend anymore, now she is my preppy, much skinnier friend. She likes the way she looks now. I like it too because it makes her happy.

That’s the only discrimination that I’ve heard or seen lately. And I’m hoping that’s the only discrimination that I see or hear. To have discrimination not seen or heard would change everything and it would make the world a better place. I want to be able to apply somewhere and not be discriminated against or looked at differently because of the way I look. I want to be able to get a job somewhere, feel safe and welcome by the people I’m surrounded by. Every work place should be an option of work for everyone, every person should be equally employed, and every worker should’ve been equally employed.

Equal Employment is equality at a work place and equality of the workers there.