This I Believe

Shelly - White Swan, Washington
Entered on January 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When I started my first year in high school the main thing I noticed was how everyone was set into cliques. I began to ask myself, where do I fit in? As a freshman I naturally hung out with formal freshman friends. Now as I am a senior in high school the cliques are still the same. You have the Hispanics who are together, the Native Americans, the Whites and usually groups of students who participate in sports all hang together. I believe that all people should be treated equally and that we should not take racism so serious. I think if people believed that we are all the same then young people wouldn’t worry if they were the only Hispanic on the team or the only White person that hangs out with a certain clique. In this world full of racism, it is no wonder that it can be found in such simple places as a school setting.

The environment or people around a human being are what help to build them into a civil or uncivil person. Growing up as a minority, being taught never to treat others with different color skin that is any different of my own, was one rule that never bother me. I have many friends of all qualities, not distinguishing between races, male, female, or people with disabilities. I have played sports with different races, went to school with other races but in my eyes everyone is the same whether you are White, Hispanic ect… it doesn’t matter everyone has equal rights and abilities. There are many like me who make up such an equalized world but we still and always will have cliques, groups, or individuals who suffer from racism.

I believe everyone should be treated equally because at birth everyone is born innocent and are unknowing of the world they have been placed in. For example if an adult were to sit two young children of different races together they would neither know nor recognize the difference in the color of their skin or the content of their color. Equality and fairness are built by the people and circumstances revolving around a young fresh soul. Everyone should have the same opportunity to develop their talent and skill that they are born with.

Racism, we all know what that word means. Unfairness, inequality, discrimination, and plain out un-American! Our world has been corrupted by this ugly act of being throughout centuries. We always seem to find a small solution for the problem such as freedom rights and freeing the blacks from slavery but no matter what these solutions, we still have this huge problem of racism among us. I believe we as Americans should treat each other as one. Just a simple helping of a hand to anyone no matter race would be that small step in change to create a huge atmosphere of equality and respect to our country.