This I Believe

Lilliana - Durham, North Carolina
Entered on January 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in relationships.

Relationships include friends, family, and companions who will stick by you no matter what happens. Without these people I would be lost. They have had such a big influence on who I am, how I act and what I do. They have gotten me through everything.

This summer I went to a sleep away camp for three weeks. I made friends really quickly, but what I didn’t realize was how important they would become. Within the first week I had messed up my knee and was on crutches. I could no longer get my own food because I couldn’t carry the tray. I needed help getting up and down stairs because someone had to carry my crutches. My movement was very limited. My friends at camp who were like my family did all this for me and never complained. They even made dances up for me so I could dance alongside them. Without these friends and my family calling every night to see how I was doing, my camp experience would have been filled with being alone and having no fun or laughs.

Companionship gives another person to support you. While at camp, I also went out with a guy. At the first dance my knee was hurt, but I didn’t have crutches yet. He supported me so I could walk and still dance. When I did get crutches, he didn’t complain about my lack of contribution to the dances. I had to get an MRI for my knee during camp. I was extremely scared and he helped me through it. He walked me to the office to go to the hospital and was immediately by my side when I got back asking how it went. He also helped me when the hospital took four days instead of two to process the MRI that determined whether I stayed at camp or not. He taught me card games and didn’t get mad when I teased him when I creamed him. He kept me smiling and supported me through everything.

Family is a big part of my belief in relationships. Without my family I would be lost. Friends may grow distant and you may break up with your companion, but family will always be there for you.

I think that relationships can cause problems, like when my two best friends fought, or if someone breaks up with you, but other relationships are also there to boost you back up and make you happy. I believe in relationships.