This I Believe

Chris - joppa, Maryland
Entered on January 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope, work

I believe in never giving up. Growing up with no money, no hope for college or a future, I refused to listen to those around me that constantly told me of all the “impossible” things I would never accomplish. For the small minded, there IS no way out. But a constant, rebellious little whisper inside my ear would say,”Believe.”

Nothing long; not even a full sentence; not some great writing on the wall. Just a simple, yet powerful little word…”Believe.”

When success did come, through hard work and constant, positive affirmation of that little voice, others were there hoping, waiting, to watch me fall. And times I did.

But like an old friend, there it was again…”Believe.”

Believe to write a book. To overcome bipolar depression. To record the music inside my head. All this I have accomplished and will continue to do. Believe in yourself, and you may see setbacks, but you will never fail. “Believe.”

No one word can sound so sweet or grant so much hope. This I believe.