This I Believe

Erika - Norridgewock, Maine
Entered on January 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in fresh breath

Fresh breath is confidence. I can remember having many group discussions in English last year. In particular was the day I ran out of my Wintergreen Orbit. I found that out as soon as I spoke my first sentence. Having prepared a glorious argument the night before, I was prepared to blow my teacher and peers away, but as soon as I caught the scent of my own foul breath everything went downhill. As I spoke, I looked around the group wondering if they could smell the stench. My powerfully written sentences came out in short breaths; I mumbled. No longer was I paying attention to what I was saying; instead I was screaming in my head for some gum, or a mint, or anything! Sweat glossed my forehead. My argument was lost, all because I did not have fresh breath. Now I always come to class prepared with gum.

Fresh breath is friendship. With fresh-scented breath, I can make new friends. I can feel good about myself and attract the attention of others. I can be free to laugh and joke openly without the restraints that having bad breath would place on me. Nobody wants to talk to somebody with bad breath for a long period of time; in fact people try to aviod them. Having fresh breath improves my chances of making new friends and keeping old ones. I always carry a pack of gum to ensure freshness to myself and to others.

Fresh breath is love. During those intimate moments with my new boyfriend, fresh breath helps! The key to a relationship is to be able to talk, and to be able to talk I need to have confidence. To have confidence, I need minty fresh breath. I could never snuggle up during a movie and breathe a cloud of green onto my boyfriend, let alone kiss him. Therefore, I always tuck away some Winterfresh.

I believe in fresh breath because it gives me confidence, friends and love. I now constantly purchase economy sized gum packets and rarely am without fresh breath. Therefore, I will buy stock in the Wrigley’s company; perhaps I will get my share of the chewing gum profits.