This I Believe

Juan - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

The thing I believe in the most is many friendships

A good example of a friendship is when ever your friend has your back for any reason in the world and return it with respect or just having his or her back

The reason I believe in friendship is when your in need of anything like if u were in trouble for some reason and didn’t want to say anything to your parents because they would freak out if it was something drastic like getting caught doing a prank that can mess up some ones property and then getting arrested or prosecuted by the person you have done the prank on. Then your friend would just be there to try to get you out of the problem then most likely laugh at you if it was minor than what you thought

For example like my friends I hangout with we do some really funny stuff that we all have a laugh at or some things that can make fun of a certain some one. Some things we do is like go out of our car were in and we do Chinese fire drills and while doing that we have really loud music that we get dumb with.

Another good example of having many friendships is having it with your sport friends.

They might just be there for sports and not have any other care in the world but really if you were to talk to them like how I did with many of them we all got close and became a really close family cause of it. We were told we’re the most family oriented team at our school.

These many friendships are most important to me because I will never change it for the world and never forget how everybody was now and the many moments I had with them.