This I Believe

Joanna - Melrose Park, Illinois
Entered on January 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in second chances because I’m always making mistakes and I’m always trying my best to better my self. No matter the situation or person, everyone should have the right to be given a chance to prove there self’s. Humans were made to make mistakes and to learn hard lessons in life due to their wrong decisions. Holding a grudge and not giving a person a second chance can not give you the chance to see how the person really is. No one in this world is perfect and no one comes close to not making mistakes in life. Second chances have their advantages, they give you a small view on how the person is and how they are willing to change to improve things in there life’s. My problem at home with my parents is that I’m always proving them wrong. They always expect a lot from me and I always disappoint them. All my parents want from me is respect, responsibility and good grades in school. I’ve made the mistake in the passed to take a advantage of my parents freedom. I’ve always have to ask for permission to go out with friends or to party’s. Since my parents are a little to striked with me, they would only give me three to four our of time to spend with my friends.

To me this was not enough because most teenagers spend more times together on the weekend and is the only time they get to party. At time I would take advantage and stay out longer than I was suppose to, this was just a way of me trying to be a rebel. My parents took charge and stop having trusting me going out with my friends. It made me mad but in time I realized that I was doing wrong and I was disrespecting my parents by not fallowing their rules. I knew I was doing wrong but at the moment I didn’t care because all I wanted to do is to have fun. Since I notice that things were never going to work out with me not respecting my parent’s rules I realized that I should changer and better my self. Since I was grounded and when ever I would try to ask for permission to go out my pass experience of not knowing how to follow rules would come up I decided to apologize and ask for another chance. My parents took this as a very mature thing to do, confront them and taking charge and admitting I was wrong and I was willing to change and prove myself. As time when by and my parents gave me another chance to prove to them that I’m able to respect them and fallow rules. I keep my word and prove to my parents that giving second chances can be approached in a positive way and can have positive results. I believe that once you give a person more than three chances is enough to tell you they don’t care and are not willing to change and improve the relationship.