This I Believe

Kurt - Qingdao, China
Entered on January 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Time has always been with me regardless of my intention. The power of the time placates the pain. This may sound a bit ambiguous for those who do not believe that time’s power can pacify the pain. I did not notice that the power of time was so tremendous until I experienced this event. It was when I fell in love with a girl.

One of my inerasable memories with her was happened after the several months that we went out together. We had to separate because of our studies. I could do nothing but smile and cheer her up. We went out to the beach on the last day. The weather was fine. The tide was calm. We walked without speaking. We knew that it was impossible to keep our relationship any more. Our destination was the place that we went often. We chatted for a while about something useless. We didn’t need to cry because we promised not to. I hoped time would stay at that moment forever so we did not have to be apart. However, time flow as it always did. She was gone and left me some good memories. This was when I, who could do nothing but tried to find something to rely on, first realized the power of time.

Regardless of her absent, time flowed as fast as it always did. I was small in front of the power of time. The power of time was a tyrant that did whatever it wants. It certainly possessed the power which was omnipotence. Her absence gave me the pain that remained long enough to bother me. It also healed me when I was struggling with the traces that she left to me. Since I knew that time possessed power, I relied on the power of time to appease the suffering. I waited till the pain had gone. Its ability did not work in a short time but for the long run, it affected me a lot. The power of time did not only placate the pain but also gave me some time to think about situation. It leaded me to give up on her and to make a good wish to her.

Power of time is what I believe. I believe that time can appease the pain. I believe that time has an ability to complete something that seems impossible. Since I believe in time, I believe that someday we can meet again, and recollect our incomplete memories.