This I Believe

Kim - QingDao, China
Entered on January 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Mr. Luck?

When we are playing a game with dice, we always hope to have the number that we want to have, and if we get the exact number, we probably would say ‘I’m lucky!’ If not we might say ‘I’m unlucky…’ We do not consider the arbitrariness of the outcome, but Lady Luck is what I do believe in…

Mr. Luck is considered as a universal and mathematical source. It approaches only if there is enough probability along with us. For instance, gambling is the one. Many people gamble by counting on the luckiness. They count on the luckiness because they have faith in Lady Luck. People like us do not count on the probabilities and the mathematical outcomes. When we attains something, let’s say we’ve gambled on something and achieved, we do not say ‘I had a good probability’ in fact, we say ‘Ye~~Sss! I’m a lucky guy~’

Since we’ve believed that Mr. Luck exists all the time, I believe there is Luck for anyone who is confronted with arduous times. It is the most essential gift we can have ourselves. It is a thing that we cannot regulate by ourselves, it is a thing that is universal, and it is a thing like mathematical findings. But, Mr. Luck…This I believe…