This I Believe

Joseph - Madison, Wisconsin
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I have always loved to make people laugh. I really believe in making other people happy. Even if it means that I get embarrassed in the process.

One of the most embarrassing times has to be when I told everyone in my 5th grade class about the time I accidentally pulled down my snow pants (pants and underwear included) in the hallway after going outside. However, I smiled for the rest of the day because I knew that I had made my class very happy. Maybe I’ll go to far sometime, but I don’t think I will.

Making people laugh is also very important to me. The reason is a little bit unclear, but I think I know why. I like to make people laugh because it makes me happy in the process. Sometimes I think that I tell dumb jokes, only because they are funny to me. But, this never stops me from telling them!

I am also in a lot of plays. One downside to this is the late nights. These have late rehearsals which can sometimes disrupt my homework. The only reason I keep doing plays is because I know that I am making people happy.

This love for entertaining people came from a long line of entertainers. No, I’m not from a family of professional actors, but a lot of my family members have been in movies plays and have sang on many an occasion. My Great-Great Uncle was one of the many extras in ‘Paint Your Wagon’. My Grandpa was in ‘The Giant Spider Invasion’ and my cousin sang in a commercial.

I guess that the need to make people laugh is embedded in my mind. Ever since I was younger I have been wanting to make people laugh. I used to whistle when I was 6 months old. Since then I can’t stop making others, and my self, happier.