This I Believe

Christopher - Joliet, Illinois
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

There are many new things in my life that I am thankful for recently. Situations that would have goned unnoticed without my changing. But the biggest thing is my belief that humans are loving, kind, tender and compassionate people. But I believe in order for me to see it, I have to start by showing it first.

Every morning start very similar for me. I wake up, put my feet on the ground and give thanks to be alive. I do this without knowing what type of day I’ll have or what circumstances life will give me that day. I mostly am giving thanks for another chance to do better today than the day before and to make a difference in the lives of all people I come in contact with, no matter how big or small that differance is to them.

An opportunity to do better today than yesterday is a lot more simple than it seems and really just takes a willingness to do so. What I mean is yesterday, I might have gotten angry taht someone cut me off or was going to slow. or maybe my mother was asking questions of me while I was relaxing and I became testy with her. Why allow these feelings and emotions bother me all day when everything else that day can be filled with kindness and goodness? Maybe the drivers didn’t realize what they had done. Maybe my mother was curious on the subjects she was asking about. These situations are not in my control. I should practice today not to let them bother me and my outlook today is a bit brighter.

Now, making a difference in the lives of all those I come in contact with is easy. It start with a suttle smile and genuine “hello” to all. I am still amazed the responses I get from the majority of those I come encounter with. We all, as human beings, share one simple thing. Emotions. We suffer, feel happy, lonely, saddness and many more throughout our lives. But for one brief moment, no matter what mood I’m in or the other person, we can share the same emotion of gladness because someone is genuinely being nice. This also applies when we hold doors open, pick-up something dropped, make a joke waiting in line, etc., etc.

Ultimately, I believe we are all on this planet breathing the same air and bleeding the same blood. We are a compassionate and kind species and can make a defference each day. The difference starts with yourself. If you can start the day off smiling its contagious and soon the day brightens no matter what the weather is like.