This I Believe

Sam - Texas
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe this is when they hung saddam, that was inhumane and down right unnecussary.

My opinion is that if you brake the law you should pay for it with jail time. I didn’t like the fact that they for one killed him inhumanely and, that he wasn’t put in jail. I don’t believe in violets of any kind, and if you have to engage in fight, shooting,(as in war) or something eles let it be them first not you. A nd if they want to kill you then deffend your self do not kill them.

I here that we are supostto be a superior race or some jave like that, but what I can tell is all we do is kill one anthor I mean if we are so better than the animales, then why do we:

1 rape(molest, including there young)

2 murder(for no reason)

3 segergate

and other things.

you tell me becuase I don’t know

besides I’m only 15.