This I Believe

Melissa - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that you should not look for love, and simply let it find you.

In the past I had spent much time looking for someone special. It was not an easy search, but for a long time I refused to give up. I met guys that were either jerks or the feelings were just not mutual. Then, when I finally thought I found someone who could possibly care the same, I realized he had greatly deceived me, and of course I was hurt. After that, I felt I could no longer take love seriously. I felt that there was no point in even trying and that I would eventually end up with another broken heart.

After simply giving up on love entirely, I noticed I had somewhat changed. I seemed to be a very angry person, not the calm and collective girl I used to be. It took me most of my Junior year to change that, but luckily I am now pleased with the person I am today.

It was the summer before Senior year. I spent most of my summer in L.A., going out all the time and having fun. I had absolutely no worries. Past drama had died down, and I was basically looking forward to my last year of High School. Little did I know that it would not only be my best year, but an amazing relationship would begin to grow.

It started with a weekend trip down from California. His name was Ray, and after getting to know him, more than ever, I began to realize that he was like no other guy I had ever met and the age difference didn’t even faze me. He was real, not all cocky, and seemed to have a great sense of humor. What seemed to me as a short weekend, turned into the beginning of a completely different part of my life.

After keeping in touch for over a month with MySpace messages and phone calls, Ray decided to move to Arizona. With the hopes of getting back to school and on track, he made a big decision in leaving everything he knew behind and starting something completely new here. While I was sure that he was doing it for school, I couldn’t help but think that I was a big part of this decision. Although I felt some guilt in the beginning, I would never take it back because he is now a major part of my life and I can honestly say I have never been happier.

It has now been almost 3 months since we began dating, and in this time he has taught me so much. I have completely opened up to him and he showed me how important trust truly is. Without trust, no relationship is secure. I now know that I can trust him with all my heart and, unlike people in the past, he will never betray me. I now understand that love comes unexpectedly, whether you want it or not.