This I Believe

Josh - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that money isn’t the source of happiness, but it helps.

In life I’ve noticed that money can help take you where you want to go, and can assist you throughout life. Our society is based on helping you make money. People go to school to get smarter to help them get a decent paying job, and most take it for granted that they’re getting smarter everyday. When you’re a kid, you think you’re going to school for the fact of making friends and to learn something just to learn it but you are learning it for reason.

When you have money you don’t worry so much about getting a full stomach or paying bills or getting a friend a gift for their birthday. When you don’t have money those tasks are now a struggle. Homeless people struggle on a day to day basis to get a full stomach where they’re going to sleep that night and how they’re going to deal with the humiliation that they’re being the toe nail clippings of society. If money isn’t everything then why is it the world to those people?

If money isn’t everything why do people die because of it?

Money creates happiness, this I believe.