This I Believe

Philip - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, tolerance

I believe in the human spirit, our undeniable life force that while it may be held back or stuffed down, will never stop calling. This base of our being unlike most things in life, cannot be bought or sold as it knows no monatary value. Your spirit is as quiet and peaceful as it is forceful. It exists to to teach all that it values, peace, nurturance, and the deep truths that define the essence of our existence.

Many variables of our best efforts at attaining civilized society provide barriers to the growth of our individual and collective human spirits. Growing up in the 60s and 70s in Kentucky I was taught that men were better and smarter than women, that African-Americans were beneath me, that whatever a Catholic priest or the Bible said was beyound reproach, and above all, that what other people in our small town thought of us was more important than what we thought of ourselves. This caused me and many others of my generation to show many different “selves”, not knowing there was one true self waiting beneath our distorted outlooks.

Since the human spirit is always calling, its truth can cure social and familial ills if only listened to. Listening appears to be the big problem. Listening is painful when we think we have it all figured out. Learning to listen to inner truth between our computer, I-pod,radio and TV is not only painful but near impossible. Our spirit , in the face of it all, will not stop trying.

When I look back to the real truths locked away in the backward culture of my family I turned a blind eye to all the women around me who were finding their spirits long before most men, and all the African-Americans accomplishing far more than I. In 2007 I doubt I need to elaborate on the wisdom of letting Catholics priests do one’s thinking.

Genuine appreciation, love without agenda, expressing opinions and values without comdemning those who might disagree, and living with only healthy fears are only a few of the benifits of listening to one’s spirit. I believe we can learn from our spirits daily. Contrary to many fearful popular taechings, our elemental human conditions do not harm us, they are propelling us.