This I Believe

Crystal - peoria, Arizona
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in enjoying your life.

When I was younger I wanted time to go faster. I just wanted to move on with my life. I always thought it was better than being a kid. When I was in the 3rd grade I got a D on a test. I was so worried that I would not beadle to get in to college because of it. I know its silly, but I was really concerned at the time.

I look back on my life and see how fast it went. I miss not having so many responsibilities. Although I do like it some times. The mane concern when I was younger was having fun with my friends. I miss thoughts days. Having all the time in the world; But now I have lots of things to do in a day and not a lot of day to get them all done.

I’m getting my life started now. There is so much to do. I have to work as much a possible during the week. I need the money for college. I also have to keep up with school and get ready for college nixed year. I’m planning to move out at the end of the school year, and I know my mom isn’t happy about that. I always tell her its time for me to get out in to the world.

I still feel that I want to get my life going. I know that every one says that high school is the best years of your life; but I don’t think that. I think the best years of your life are when you are married, have kids and I job you really wont. High school is great and every thing, but I think I’m more cut out for the family life. I have always taken care of people that are close to me. I really enjoy it.

When I really stop and think about it; I think when is a good time to press pose on my life? I mean actually stop and enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my life but I’m always wanting more from it. I want to have a good life for my husband and kids.

I now know that I should enjoy all of it. Every thing is happing for a reason and I need to take it all in. Every thing will work its self out in time and with god leading me I will make it.

Life is so short in reality. think about it.