This I Believe

Dan - melrose park, Illinois
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I believe that there is a bright side in any bad situation. This makes sense to me because I have a sense of pride for my belief. Looking for a good view of a bad event helps to relieve the pressure of the bad situation. If I were to spend my days being upset about everything that has a negative impact on my life, then I would never enjoy anything. Also, there seems to be a pattern with most people that when someone is in a bad mood, usually that person will not think positively at all. This is avoidable, which is why I believe in my philosophy. If there is something positive to look towards, then the bad events wouldn’t seem so horrible.

The defining of my philosophy might go like this: Why be upset about something when eventually it will pass anyway? Every problem is resolvable, although the solutions might not always be good, at least the problem ends. For Example, earlier in the school year, my wallet was stolen from my gym locker. Although I was mad, I was able to let it go once my friends had made a racial, stereotypical joke about the situation. There was really nothing that could be done. It was already gone, and the only thing to do was to get a new wallet and new identification anyway. If I cried about it, nothing would really change, but if I shrugged it off and replaced what was lost, then I could forget about it with no worries. Even during an unfortunate event, I know that it is important to maintain composure, and not get stressed out. Things seem to have a way of working themselves out. In the end, not even the greatest problem is capable of stopping the world from turning.

Even with the events on September 11, nothing was dramatically affected. The families that lost lives were eventually able to praise those people. Everyone gained a sense of nationalism. The country was able to move on, but most importantly, it showed how heroic average citizens among our population could be during a bad situation. As evidence for my belief, the majority of America was able to see the bright side of such a horrible circumstance. If today, people are able to look back at how it affects us, then they will, indeed, see certain positive aspects instead of just the negative ones.

I believe it to be better if I get something positive from a bad situation instead of whining about it and receiving nothing. Events happen in life for a reason. However, they are just interpreted different depending on the person. I, in fact, believe that certain things happen to me so that I could gain experience; whether it’s positive or negative experience. By gaining these experiences during the course of my life; I learn to adapt better to any changes or future problems.

In some cases there will be an argument against my belief based on the question: What if someone important were to die? I still believe that there is a bright side to this. Although it seems bad to say; death should be embraced instead of feared. Of course death is, and nobody enjoys the loss of a loved-one, but still, it happens. Death is unavoidable, so in time there would have to be positive aspects. Otherwise, everyone would be upset all the time. What if a person that died had a well-established life; maybe in which he/she completed all necessary goals? Although bad to suggest, what if the person wanted to die? Or better yet, what if that person were to go out in a heroic manner? Nevertheless, it is still possible to overlook the bad aspects of death and dig for brighter views on it.