I believe in happiness

jimmy - USA
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It was my freshman year and I was wrestling at a tournament at Moon Valley. A kid in the tournament had Down syndrome and was getting beat very quickly by everyone there. I had seen him wrestle the kid I wrestled and it was sad because he looked so sad. He was my last match of the day and I told my coach I was going to let him beat me. My coach kind of looked at me for a moment and said ok you do what you need to do. So I went on to the mat and shook his hand and the match started. I went all three periods with the kid. I was trying to let him beat me in the first round but he was having too much fun. He was wrestling to the crowd. Everyone stop and was watching our match. Finally in the last round he pinned me. The crowd busted with cheers and the kid was so happy.

I believe in happiness and in my story about my match that’s exactly what I gave that kid. To see the crowd, the parents, the coaches and my parents crying tears of joy was what made me happy. It felt so good to see the kid that had a frown every time he went out on that match finally have some excitement in his emotions. To see him through his hands up and jump into his coach’s hand and smile so big was so happy. So what I believe in is happiness.