This I Believe

Tresa - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

This I Believe…

This I believe. I believe in simply waking up in the morning, and being thankful for it. Knowing all other events are just small details.

Most people live their lives and take for granted the simplest aspects of it, I know I did. Every morning I would hit the snooze button, attempting in one way or another to shut out life for just seven more minutes. But sleep gets old the same way people do. After time has passed you regret not having done something better with it.

Once we realize that waking up isn’t simply a chore or some horrible punishment your mom gives you every morning at 6:45am, but something we should cherish and be proud of what was given to us. The simplicity of just smiling when you awake can change the whole mood of your day. Although, we still see hundreds of people unhappy with the day or moments within it. These people take advantage of their day. They forget that they were given a gift. The gift of waking up. Despite everything else that may try and hamper you’re day, just remember it is yours. You were given the day when you awoke, and to throw it away is a waste of the single most significant gift you can receive.

I no longer sleep to live. Rather live to wake up.