This I Believe

Matt - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that no one should ever settle in life. Is it possible that a person can ever achieve true pure happiness? There’s no doubt that people can be happy. When writing this paper it may come off as pessimistic, but really it is the complete opposite. When a person achieves a goal, whether its first place in a race, a high test score or falling in love, it doesn’t matter. One who achieves a goal experiences happiness. Simply enough, the length of happiness directly correlates with what you put into it. What makes achieving a goal great is the journey you took to achieve it.

But no matter what the size of your achievement the natural high you receive will not last the rest of your life. Achieving new milestones in life is like food for your soul and without them it will starve. No matter what there will be another step. When I say this I don’t mean to say that you should not be grateful for what you have, I mean that theirs is always room for growth weather its personal goals like bettering your career or building better relationships with your family or friends. There will never be a point in life when you can say “I’m done” until your life is actually done.

When I ran in track my coach told me never to settle in a race and that if I learned to push through it, I wouldn’t settle in life. I can compare it to my life in a sense that you always have to push not necessarily to beat the guy in front of you but to beat yourself. When you settle in a race you won’t become a better runner because you’re not pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. And when you settle in life it’s hard to become a better person.

Perfection can never be achieved but I think it’s important to pursue it. I believe the only way to achieve true happiness is to always have goals to reach and strive to be a better person through love for others and confidence in yourself. Life will always be uphill it’s just that some parts are steeper than others. It may be easier to stop or role down the hill but the higher you get the better it is for your mind body and soul.