This I Believe

Yuliana - Melrose park, Illinois
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe that in every successful romantic relationship there should exist a strong bond between two people; friendship. Friendship in my opinion means to trust, to comfort, to be loyal and to communicate effectively. In a romantic relationship, trust, comfort, loyalty, and communication exists. Love is a partnership. In order to provide or partake in a romantic relationship, two people must feel that their partner contains all of theses essential qualities of a friend. Love is deeper than a lustful feeling. Love contains friendship because those in love must have trust, comfort, loyalty, communication, and lust, whereas friendship has all but lust.

Trust is the key in a relationship. One should be able to be himself or herself and know that they won’t be judged by that person but accepted. Trust is knowing that those moments shared between two people will not be shared with others. Trust is when two people chose to share lives together knowing that this partnership has the capability of having and raising a family. A partner will be able to be a friend that comforts. For example when a person has a bad day at school or work his or her partner should be there to console, listen, and offer advice to help better the person’s day. A romantic partner is a friend because he or she is committed to caring more about the well-being of the other person than about himself or herself; financially, emotionally, and socially. In a romantic relationship, one’s partner is a loyal friend. He or she will not leave his partner for another person in any given situation. If two people are in love, then they will be companions that communicate effectively. Friends in love can be open to one another’s thoughts, feelings, concerns, and emotions. For instance when a person is discouraged, he or she should be able to express themselves verbally and nonverbally. The other person can understand and reciprocate a reaction. All successful relationships start off as a great friendship, and then slowly make there way up. We just have to remember that to maintain the relationship; we must maintain that friendship hidden under the lust and love a life. I believe that friendship relationships are the same as romantic relationships. The only difference is that a friendship relationship is affection between two people who can trust, comfort, be loyal and communicate with one another, and a romantic relationship contains all this elements and lust.