This I Believe

Michael - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on January 16, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

the sleeping GIANTS

The next time you are driving on the interstate late at night, or even in the early hours of daybreak, take notice of the sleeping Giants on the side of the road. You have seen them before, but probably overlooked them in haste as you tried to beat the morning rush-hour commute, or perhaps while getting that early jump on that long road trip for a family vacation.

These steel Monsters are pulled off on exit ramps, rest areas and abandoned dirt lots across America’s arteries. Yellow eyes dot their flanks and face. Their chrome appendages and red/white markings reflect the glow of your headlights through the evening dusk or morning fog. They sit quietly and sleep before the day begins. Regardless of the snow and rain, not phased by the summer heat, they wait in silent slumber. Their eighteen legs remain cool for the time being, but soon they will be running in unison to cover great distances. Some travel in herds while others are rogue, yet their nature is to always look after each other. They were born in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes; nevertheless their purpose in life is exactly the same. These Giants can not be held by any zoo or cage; they were made to roam in the open ranges and concrete jungles of our world.

The massive weight and intimidating size of these beasts dwarf your tiny automobile, but you take them for granted daily. In fact, when you do take notice of them it is usually in anger over their sluggish speeds, but do you ever thank them for delivering life’s necessities and creature comforts? They haul the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of both big business and sole individuals. They deliver the tools and supplies that will rebuild New Orleans, the twisted steel that fell on 9/11, and the farmers toil grown on the Midwestern plains. They transport worldly treasures shipped into the ports of Florida and Seattle, as well as common household goods made right here in your own backyards.

With voracious appetites these Giants drink several hundred gallons a week and they require much more then just a check-up to stay healthy. Do not let their mass deceive you; they are a complex and highly sophisticated beings. Only the skilled hands and minds can keep them alive. It is important to keep them healthy at all times, for these Giants are what turn the cogs in the machine that is the United States.

Inside each Giant you will find a master, a caretaker, and a friend. This dedicated individual dedicates his life to keeping the Giant in line while making sure you and your families are safe from harm. They work inside these Giants, they live inside these Giants, and they give these Giants their very own persona.

So the next time you pass by these resting brutes of the bi-passes, think about where the Giant is headed, and what the Giant is hauling. When you see these Gentle Giants, and the folks in them who work to deliver your world day-after-day, you might even wish them well, and say a simple, “Thanks”. These Giants do not roll for our appreciation, they are committed to taking care of our economy one mile at a time; they don’t need our thanks, but they deserve it…these Knights of the Highway, these Last Cowboys of the Open Road, these Giants.