This I Believe

Elizabeth - Seattle, Washington
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Hope has the power to shed a new light over the darkness. It is like a beam of sunshine coming out through the dark clouds after a storm. Hope can heal and restore our dreams bringing back happiness and a new tomorrow. I believe in hope.

Hope is important to me because of all it can represent and stand for. To me life would be pointless without hope. If you do not have hope in life you wouldn’t believe, or wish, or look to a brighter future. Hope brings spirit and imagination into life, filling you with joy.

I am challenged in my hope everyday. There is always something that didn’t turn out as wonderful as you might have wanted it to, but that’s where hope comes in. If you have hope you will seek and look forward to a better time when things don’t turn out as planned. However hope cannot be the only thing guiding you through life, you must live your own life and live it to its potential. Don’t dwell on yesterday, live for today and hope for a better tomorrow. Use hope when you’re not quite sure what to do next or are stuck in a position where life isn’t handing you an answer on a silver platter.

My neighbors left on a vacation one summer a few years back. They had a sweet black cat and asked if I wouldn’t look after her while they were gone. After a few days the cat went missing. My family started to worry and wonder if she would ever come back, but we didn’t lose hope and thought she still might turn up. We decided to take a walk one evening and look for her. As we passed a tall tree a street up from our house we heard meowing. It was coming from up in the tree. As we looked up we could see a much scarred little black cat at the very top of the tree clinging on, to scarred to move, she was well above the height of any of the houses in the area. We finally found her, our neighbor’s cat had decided to climb a huge tree a little too high and was afraid to come down.

My family soon called an animal rescue whose truck came and got her down from the tree. We had never given up hope and in turn we finally found her. She was once again safe and sound as well as never doing anything like that again. If we had given up hope we may have never found that dear little cat again.

I believe in hope, because hope has the power to bring optimism and brightness to a situation. Never give up on things of great value to your heart and spirit. Hope is like a rare gem waiting to be found. Hope encourages you to have a broad imagination and bold dreams. I believe in hope.