This I Believe

Sophia - Yorba Linda, California
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Pieces of Life

As I wake up for a new day, and as I lie down for its close; this I believe. As I

boldly face a 5 day self-perpetuating week of school, and as I find myself sitting in the wake of my faith on a Sunday morning; this I believe. What do I believe? I believe in puzzles. Why someone would believe in puzzles, I guess would depend on them believing like I do, that life is like a puzzle; with all of life’s components as the puzzle’s pieces.

Piecing together a puzzle is kind of like piecing together a life; except unlike a puzzle, life doesn’t always have that nifty picture on the cover of the box, telling you what to do and how to do it.

I believe that life is like a puzzle without its picture, because you’ll never really know what it’s going to look like until you make it. Each day we add a piece to our puzzle of life, and hope that in many ways, there won’t be an inaccuracy in how we construct our masterpiece to be. Although sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our puzzle of life doesn’t always prove to be infallible. There can be frustrating sections of construction, broken pieces from mistakes, and of course, that ever so aggravating missing piece. Pieces of your puzzle that you think will fit- won’t fit, and pieces of your puzzle that seem irrationally irrelevant to your “picture perfect” puzzle- will fit like a key made for only one lock.

Comparable to displacing a halfway done puzzle to a new location, moving my life from one location to another was not so much an easy task. Like a puzzle, I thought that my life lose pieces, fragment existing parts, and all over diminish in a daunting relocation from coast to coast. Although, what I thought to be a puzzle shattering experience, proved to only be an experience of minimal damage.

Yes, some pieces were lost, and some edges dulled, but what I learned was that puzzles can be fixed, refurbished, and rearranged. As I learned to adapt to a new situation, new pieces of my puzzle began to take shape, and I began to see a new picture from my original puzzle form. New friends in the form of new pieces decorated my puzzle, and new experiences remolded the way I had thought the puzzle was supposed to look.

Now as I look to my still, halfway completed puzzle, the move it took is barely visible, for new facets of my maturity and life have characterized what my puzzle is and who I am; and though my puzzle lacks a definite picture of its final stage, it still radiates what I believe and why.

Life is like a puzzle, in the beginning you’ll be given all that you need to succeed and thrive, and all that is left- is up to you; this I believe, and I hope you can see why.