This I Believe

James - Danville, Kentucky
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that life is worth living, provided one has a purpose. I believe it is possible to know one’s purpose.

When this is life is over, I believe that one of three things happens.

1. For those of us (me included) who have heard the gospel and made the free choice to accept, not reject Jesus Christ, then we will go to directly to Heaven, forever. Jesus will pay (paid) the price for our sins for us. It’s a free gift.

2. For those who have not heard the gospel message, they will go to Hell. There, they will pay for their own sins. After a reasonable and just amount of time, they will be given the option to accept or reject eternal Heaven. If they reject, they will perish.

3. For those who heard, while here on earth, as mortals, but chose to reject salvation, they will be offered no futher chance at Heaven. They will go to Hell and there they will pay for their own sins. After a fair and just amount of time, they will perish.

God is “all about Love” Love is a positive thing. A loving and just God’s desire is not that anyone He created should spend eternity (forever) in torment.Therefore, even Hell is very fair and that is positive.

This I believe.